Mister Moon Studio

Hand drawn print design by Nienke Hoekstra

Dutch print design

From paper to print

Mister Moon Studio designs prints for baby and children’s fashion, specializing in surface pattern design, placement prints, and illustrations.

I am Nienke Hoekstra, a graduate of the ArtEZ art academy (Fashion and Design) in Arnhem, The Netherlands. For over 15 years now I enjoy creating baby and kids all over prints and illustrations. I worked for brands such as H&M and I designed prints for major textile wholesale suppliers such Quality Textiles and also worked for specialized smaller brands like Family Fabrics.

My prints are mainly used for fashion and home decor, but feel free to inquire about other possibilities or personal projects. In fact, my prints are even used for window films!

I have been drawing and painting from a young age. Thanks to my background in fashion, I have a knack for translating ideas into a print. I love creating appealing prints that give your collection and/or product a distinctive and unique look.

Zwart-wit foto van Nienke Hoekstra - Mister Moon Studio
“Hand drawn elements give my prints that natural and playful look”

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Cotton Wool










English Rose


Winter Stories










Wild flowers

Unicorn Stars